CDM Scotland Ltd can provide bespoke Ecological, Hydrological and Environmental Advice. We offer a wide range of services including clerks of works related services, Flood Risk assessment and other hydrology services, and peatland consultancy services. In addition to our range of services, CDM Scotland also offer a vast range of site surveys including protected species, habitat, and ecology surveys.

Our ethos, combined skill sets and drive for client satisfaction provide a unique, pragmatic and innovative approach based on professional integrity, honesty and an assurance that our service complies fully with all Legislation, Codes of Practice and ethical conduct.

Experienced environmental consultancy team

Our teams experience extends to over 55 years’ experience in Environmental Consultancy, so we’re well versed in overcoming ecological, environmental and hydrological project challenges.   The result – an innovative and unhesitating approach, enabling us to promptly respond with pragmatic, cost-effective and viable solutions on our clients’ behalf.

We work seamlessly with architects, contractors, consultants, developers, engineers and planning consultants to provide ecology, environmental and hydrology solutions from pre-planning advice, planning applications, EIA management, due diligence audits and construction stage advice and management.

Our experienced Ecological, Hydrological, Ornithological Consultants and Engineers have a firm commitment to service quality , and offer a truly professional service at a cost-effective rate.

Robust, defendable ecology and hydrology solutions

Our clients trust us to determine and take care of all their ecological, environmental and hydrological requirements throughout all project stages, safe in the knowledge that we have the collective expertise, skill, innovation and pride to provide comprehensive solutions that actually work.

Our unique approach has achieved major cost savings for numerous respected clients, whilst maintaining the highest standards of compliance and legislation.

Our asbestos services include:

  • Clerk of Works Related Services

    • Review of Construction Method Statements (CMS) or Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
    • Compliance monitoring & verification surveys
    • Inductions & on-site training - hydrological constraints (surface & ground water)
    • Hydrological and hydrogeological expert advice & guidance throughout construction (including pollution control & temporary drainage)
    • Water quality surveys during construction
    • Watercourse pollution monitoring
    • Peat, hydrology and water quality assessment - before, during & post-construction
    • Stakeholder & regulator liaison (including: SEPA, SNH, FCS)
    • Regular environmental reporting to stakeholders
    • Regular advisory reporting to site managers
    • Site Environmental Audit
    • Hydrological Assessment including Peat Depth & Characterisation
    • Drainage Design & Review
    • Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystem (GDTE) assessments
    • Habitat & protected species mitigation design & restoration
    • Habitat & species management plans
  • Flood Risk Assessment Services

    • Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) Level 1, 2, & 3
    • Flood mitigation
    • Flow modelling: 1D & 2D hydrodynamic flow
    • Drainage Impact Assessment (DIA)
    • Drainage Management Plan (DMP)
    • Controlled Activities Regulations (CAR) advice and applications
    • Regulatory body liaison (SEPA and EA)
    • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS)
    • Flood compensation area design
    • GIS/Digital Mapping
  • Other Hydrology Services

    • Hydrological survey & assessment
    • Hydrological Impact Assessment (EIA)
    • Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)
    • Drainage Impact Assessment (DIA)
    • Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystem (GWDTE) Assessment
    • Peatland depth & slide risk assessments
    • Private Water Supply Risk Assessment (PWSRA)
    • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS)
    • River & loch restoration, wetland design
    • Water quality, quantity assessment & monitoring
    • Due diligence
  • Peatland Consultancy Services

    • Carbon balance assessment
    • Carbon calculation
    • Peat Depth & Condition Survey
    • Blanket mire condition assessments
    • Peat Slide Risk Assessment
    • Peat Management Plans
    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
    • Habitat Assessment & Restoration
    • Habitat Management Plans
    • Construction Management Plans
    • Consultation & Liaison with Regulatory Bodies
    • Waste exemption applications
    • Planning application for permanent soil store
    • Forestry removal justifications
  • Environmental Clerk of Works (EnCoW) Services

    • Species, Habitat & Waste Management Plans – preparation, maintenance, compliance
    • Reviewing environmental elements of Construction Method Statements (CMS) or Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
    • Pre-start supply chain appraisals
    • Inductions & on-site training - environmental constraints
    • Advising on all applicable environmental legislation & potential issues that could impede works
    • Compliance monitoring, verification surveys & ecological scoping (including planning condition, schedule of mitigation, Species Protection Plan
    • Good practice environmental advice & guidance throughout construction
    • Protected species surveys during construction (including: bird survey, bat survey, aquatic survey)
    • Disturbance risk assessments for protected species (including: otter, barn owl)
    • Habitat reinstatement & restoration advice (including micro-siting)
    • Watercourse pollution monitoring – biological, chemical & visual monitoring
    • Peat, hydrology & water quality assessment - before, during & post-construction
    • Stakeholder/regulator liaison (including: SEPA, SNH, FCS) & environmental reporting
    • Site inspections/audits - compliance with environmental requirements including licences & consents
    • Acting as a lead for any environmental investigations into adverse events or near misses
  • Protected Species Surveys

    • Bat survey (including wind turbines)
    • Bird survey (including wind turbines)
    • Great crested newt survey
    • Badger survey
    • Water vole survey
    • Otter survey
    • Red Squirrel Survey
    • Scottish Wildcat survey
    • Terrestrial Invertebrate Survey
  • Habitat & Vegetation Surveys

    • Phase 1 Habitat Surveys
    • Phase 2 Detailed Vegetation Surveys
    • National Vegetation Classification Survey (NVC)
    • Invasive Species Survey
    • Vascular Plant & Bryophyte Surveys
    • Hedgerow Surveys
  • Aquatic Ecology Surveys

    • Fish (freshwater and marine) surveys
    • Freshwater Pearl Mussel survey
    • Reptile survey
    • Aquatic Invertebrate Survey
    • River Corridor & River Habitat Survey
    • Electro-fishing survey (SFCC – SVQ Level 2 and 3)
    • Aquatic flora survey
    • River Habitat Survey (RHS)