Chartered Safety Consultancy

The complex nature of Health and Safety Legislation and the resulting duties required of employers can be simplified by utilising CDM (Scotland) Limited to undertake various health and safety functions. Our services include; health and safety advice in the form of personal visits or phone and email support, HSE inspections to monitor progress, third party accident investigations, along with Safety Management & consultancy systems. All your requirements will be managed by us without you having to add to your head count on a permanent basis.

What separates us from others is that our team have actually been full time site based and successfully managed large scale projects. As a result we have learned through experience what works and importantly what doesn’t!

One of our Chartered Safety Practitioners will manage your expectations and company requirements and ensure that you have everything in place to demonstrate compliance with the law as it impacts on your operations and undertakings.

Our safety services include:

  • Corporate HSE Advice and Support

    Every organisation must ensure that they have access to competent safety advice. We can provide both corporate and individual project support to ensure you have the right team in place to manage risk. Even if you have an internal team we can provide the additional support and backup that may be required.

    The service we provide is structured around your requirements and provides comprehensive, on-going support by personal visits, advice and support via phone or e-mail.

    Our company mission statement underpins our approach:

    “To provide a service that exceeds our Clients expectations”

  • Safety Management Systems and Corporate Process

    A formal management system or framework can help you manage health and safety within your organisation and it allows you to set standards and procedures demonstrating your organisations commitment to safety.

    We believe that every management system should be specific to an organisation and accordingly we create one tailored for your activities, undertakings and corporate structure. The initial works involve a GAP analysis which allows us to establish what is, and more importantly, isn’t in place.

  • Project Health and Safety Support

    We can provide both full or part-time health and safety support on your projects, provide additional cover during high risk operations, holiday periods or just at critical stages of the project. Our team are directly employed specialists which gives you the added peace of mind knowing that our team are not just the result of an advert.

    We’re here to help you!

  • Development of Project Safety Risk Management Process

    Every project is different and involves different people and personalities. Most organisations work to a generic template document which is changed slightly with names etc. but remains generic and often useless.

    We start all project documentation from a blank page and we structure it around the people, plant and procedures that will actually be getting implemented on site. We keep things as simple as possible to ensure that everyone can understand what is expected of them and this follows a site specific process and relevant project documentation.

  • Health and Safety Audits and Inspections

    We can visit sites on a periodic basis to monitor progress and compliance with best practice standards. We don’t just find faults when we are on site we pride ourselves on working with the site team to find workable solutions which benefit all parties.

  • Accident / Incident Investigations

    We can carry out third party accident/ incident investigation services to identify the root and underlying causes of an incident. Our team will find workable solutions in order to prevent a similar incident from occurring.

  • Development and Review of Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work

    Our experience comes from time spent out working out on sites and realising the problems and issues faced. This experience allows us to develop and review risk assessments and SSoW and formulate site specific documentation and procedures which will work for you.

  • Facilitate Project Safety Risk and Lessons Learned Workshops

    Learning from the things around us is key to moving forward. We can facilitate project safety risk and lesson learned workshops which ensure that the project team identify not only problems and issues encountered but also the positive aspects of a project.

    Moving forward the findings of the lessons learned form the benchmark for your next project.

  • Planning and Site / Project Mobilisation Assessments

    Site and Project mobilisation assessments allow an organisation to ascertain if they are ready both in terms of plant, equipment, resources etc, but also to ensure compliance with safety legislation including CDM.

    We carry out a staged process to ensure that the dutyholder is fully compliant at all times.